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In 2018, Jessica Brom started a small at-home bakery, Wickedly Good Treats, that focused on providing custom decorated, made-from-scratch desserts for any occasion. Then, in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica and her husband Chris received the news that both of their children (Christopher and Brooke) had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Immediately, Jessica and Chris began researching how to easily transition their children from the life they had grown up knowing into a world of a gluten-free diet.

And, with that, Wickedly Good Treats became the go-to place for not just gluten-free desserts and treats, but a variety of other allergen-free options as well. Over time, Jessica worked tirelessly to find a gluten-free flour that produced high-quality products that tasted like traditional treats made with all-purpose wheat flour. After months of trial, error, research, taste tests, and experiments, Jessica developed a gluten-free flour recipe using brown rice flour with a combination of other ingredients to create a cup-for-cup replacement for traditional wheat flour.

We can’t wait to share our products with those who rely on a gluten-free diet. Because, as Jessica puts it, everyone should get to enjoy their favorite sweet treats, no matter what their dietary needs are!

Our Company

Over the years, more and more customers, friends, and family members expressed their love of Jessica’s gluten-free recipes and declared how they didn’t taste “gluten-free.” Eventually, Jessica came to the realization that her creation needed to be shared with the gluten-free world. Thus, Brom’s Gluten Free Flour Company was formed in 2023, with the sole purpose of providing Jessica’s custom gluten-free flour mix and a variety of gluten-free dessert mixes to the public.

From our humble beginnings at the kitchen table in a small family home in Sterling, CO Brom’s Gluten Free Flour Company can’t wait to share our custom gluten-free flour and dessert mixes with the world. We take great pride in providing products that focus on creating desserts with taste & texture similar to traditional gluten-based recipes.

And, when it comes to our custom gluten-free flour, it’s not just about dessert! Our flour is perfect for all of your favorite recipes! From fried chicken to soups and gravy, you can use Brom’s Gluten Free Flour for just about anything you can concoct in the kitchen! Let us help make gluten-free fun!

Our Team

Brom’s Gluten Free Flour Company is family-owned and operated. Jessica Brom is the owner and general manager. She handles the development and creation of flour and mix recipes. Her husband Chris “Bull” Brom is co-founder of the company and puts more than a decade of experience in radio into serving as the head of marketing and operations for BGFFC. And, without their kids Christopher and Brooke, none of this would have been possible. They serve as the inspiration for Brom’s Gluten Free Flour Company, and are always ready and willing to test the latest recipe their mom whips up!

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